Water Sport is always popular in the world.  People can find Joy, relax, learn new things by playing different type of water sports products.

#1. Electric Foil Surfboard ( Hydrofoil Surfboard ), is the new products in the 2019 year. it can fly with no waves.

The Maximum Speed can meet with 40-45 km/ hour. To image,  you just like the bird fly in the Sky.

#2. Inflatable Paddleboard ( ISUP board ), is a very popular board in recently. the board advantage is very light. for example, 10’6 boards only have 10-11kg, meanwhile, the boards can foldable, it is very convenient to carry.

#3. Hard Standup paddleboard ( Epoxy board / SUP board), because the Craft, can make boards very firm and Light. you can make any design for the boards.