Project Description

Painting /Wooden/Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boards, now is very popular in the world, it can make any size, shape, and design.

 Eps core(18kgs )+Wooden Stringer+Bamboo Veneer( or any other type ) +2layers 6oz Fibreglass on top, 1layer 6oz, 1layer 4oz on bottom, 4-5layers on rails+Epoxy AB Resin Polish.

each boards construction we will reinforce on the stand place and rails. so it can keep the board is very stronger.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you in time.

For design, we have several types for customer choose:

#1. Painting SUP board

#2. Bamboo Veneer SUP board

#3. Wooden Veneer/ Paper SUP board

#4. Printing Cloth SUP board

#5. Carbon Fiber SUP board

( Accept OEM design, If needed, our factory also can prepare Classical design for you )

Production Time: 25-35 days.